20 days in, and everything still feels pretty shiny!

I started my last formal semester (for now, at least) the same way I probably started my first ever school-day – with a belly full of excited flutter-bys and a long night of sleeplessness. In fact, I was so nervous/expectant that I could not sleep a single damn wink and missed my very first class (sorry, Prof Ijlal). Being the awkward year 5 in school is both fun and plain awkward – it’s a twisted kind of fun to see your juniors (and even professors) scrunch their faces in a bid to remember who you are, and yet lonely at times to make that one-woman strut down the packed corridors.

But in any case, this year does feel different. There is a powerful sense of purpose, and a starry-eyed kind of freshness that waltzed in as new year’s day did. Unlike most other years, I was eager to leave 2013 and its good moments behind, and peacefully prepared to commence my 2014 as the fireworks ushered in the first crisp day of the year.

2 weeks into school, and while I am not proud to say that I have, in true Kylie fashion, cut some classes, I am proud to say that on the days I go head to school, I skip my way into class and do all my readings faithfully before, and most of all, choose to be vulnerable enough to make new friends. Classes this year are also awfully stimulating, with one on gender politics, and another on the politics of development (a personal fave, and a certain Prof Donaldson would rejoice upon reading this). I start pastry school in a couple of weeks, and that’s sure to add more fatigue, but also more joy and knowledge and inspiration.

I am not one for resolutions, in part because I’ve got the jitters about failure (more about this another time), but I do actually really want my 2014 to be radically…shiny. Not that I want or expect it all to be good, but that I want to choose to make good, tough and unusual decisions. And it shall start with…cooking real food.

As promised on Instagram (follow me: kylieknits), here’s what I proudly christen The Lazybones’ Bibimbap:

photo (1)

1/2 cup long-grain rice (I used Thai jasmine)

3 – 4 tablespoons of a mixture of kombu, bonito flakes, anchovies and sesame seeds

2 – 3 tablespoons of home-made kimchi

1 sunny-side-up egg

(Last 2 items can obviously be tweaked at will, according to taste)

Wash rice, and cook it in the rice cooker. When the rice is cooked, stir in kimchi, and the mixture above. Fry an egg in a pan (low heat, olive oil), and finish off your one-dish meal with by topping the egg on the rice (hopefully on a fancy plate, if you’ve got one!). Just because an egg always makes everything betterrr.

The mixture of kombu, bonito flakes, anchovies and sesame seeds is sort of like a beta version of party mix, and goes perfectly with plain rice, porridge or even noodles. The kombu in it is simply delish, and is almost like the teenage heartthrob of the combination – love at first sight bite.

I feel obliged to defend my laziness by pointing out that the kimchi was entirely home-made, and I promise/swear/pinky-shake to test that recipe out soon. Also, there is a whole world of home cooks who make the most amaaaazing dishes out of their rice cookers. (See:

Till the next meal x


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