When was the first traffic light erected?

1948, according to a very knowledgeable and chatty taxi uncle!

My late night cab rides home back from work have now turned into little trivial mania riddles. ‘Cept there’s not much real riddling and a lot of “oohs” and “ahs” coming from the backseat. It’s truly amazing and amusing how much taxi uncles could let on if they want to…and what funny-bone-tickling companions they could make.

All of these plus generous pockets of thought time during work has left me preoccupied with the idea of glory recently. I conclude that there’s truly no job, errand or favour that is small enough. Similarly, the “little people” all around us shouldn’t and aren’t quite that little after all (sometimes literally).

In other news, I’ve been expanding my gastronomic library and making evil-bunny-world-domination latte art of late.

photo 2

photo 1



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