My very own Superhero



The Ng Lair, Singapore

So my brother made me watch the oh-so-boring Avengers film with him. We spent the next hour mocking the caped crusaders and their Halloween get-ups. The one good thing that came out of that (apart from the laughs) was the inspiration for the title of this post.

My dad is my very own Superhero. He’s got like Flash-like flash-ness to make sure that he’s always on time to meet us, Batman instincts that repel evil, and has got a pesticide-like aura that keeps the bugs at bay. The only superhero thing he can’t bring himself to do is to parade around with his undies out. (We can’t allow him to do that as well)

Jokes aside, I am so proud of my father (and that he’s mine). Just the other night, he was showing me tricks with our pet giant turtle. He’s the reason why I am so fascinated by animals of all sorts.

Dad, thanks for fighting our battles for us when we couldn’t, and for battling each day just to keep us well-fed, cared-for and happy.

And because every Superhero ought to eat cake on his/her birthday, so shall mine.

Happy Birthday, Dad.


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