The Great American Gap Year…?


Crossing between Europe and Asia, Istanbul

A gap. One year. Endless possibilities abound.

That’s theoretically true. But in all honesty, this gap year is starting to decimate my brain cells. It’s supposed to be a grand adventure but boredom and reality is starting to set in, which makes me doubt my decision of taking the year off.

For one, it is difficult to see your friends graduate and move on, while you are still trying to make sense of all this time and the unknown future that lies ahead. My somewhat logical self knows that it’s all part of being a twenty-something and finding one’s footing in this uncertain world, but watching the change (and being right in it) is still hard to swallow and embrace at times.

Taking a year off does not equate to decadent, wild fun either. A dose of fun at times is certainly needed, but then you realise that the year off was meant for a season of becoming – to think, dream and make plans. Which isn’t all that easy as it sounds. With boredom and distraction lurking around, these intentions often take a back seat and become a “later” task.

But this born-adventurer refuses to submit to the daily grime and her FOMO (fear of missing out!). How productive, great, memorable your gap year depends on what you make of it, and I intend to make the best of it (perhaps starting…tomorrow). An opportunity to take an entire year off is a precious one, and it’s a daily battle to make it count.

Bring it on.


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