Daredevil blood, explorer instincts

Lake Ohrid, Macedonia


Lake Ohrid, Macedonia

It’s all-consuming, stubborn and here to stay for a…let’s just say very long time. Some say it gives a rush that might even beat that of chocolate, coffee or even sex (disclaimer: unverified claims, test them at your own risk). It rhymes with denture and sounds like madness.


That’s what it is. 

I wanted to talk a little bit about this virtual writing pad (yes, pun intended, it’s up to you figure this out) of mine. Like any other wordsmith out there, I jump at every opportunity there is to write – I’ve got a Tumblr, a LiveJournal  dozens of half-used notebooks and of course this blog. But, unlike most travel-lovin’ folks out there who’ve caught the writer’s bug, this was not meant to be a travel blog (what is a travel blog anyway?!). Yes, I will write about my trips from time to time, though in no fathomable order, and yes I will write about my thoughts, future trips, the daily grime…but most of my posts will just be about my daily adventures. I believe that life is a grand journey, and this is nearly an attempt to record, savor and even reminisce about some of those wild rides. 

As I write about this I am also reminded of a certain professor from my university who passed on recently, while out on what was supposed to be an exciting expedition. In a speech to gave to a graduating class some years back, he boldly told them to embrace and hold onto their sense of adventure; to try, dabble and explore. Not the usual bit of graduation advice, but possibly the some of wisest words some may ever hear. And that’s just it – we lose our craziest dreams and thoughts once adulthood and responsibilities move in for good. I hate to use the word reality, because reality just doesn’t have to be a dreary scene. 

Neither is adventure only for the brave and hunky and crazy; we are all born adventurers (Sorry Picasso, I’m stealing your line). No adventure looks the same like any other, and every one’s adventures are unique and equally precious. Whether it’s learning to ride a bike (oh dearie me, still gotta conquer that one), scaling one of those tall-as-hell mountains, talking to a stranger you share a seat with or checking out a place in your city where you’ve never been before, these are all worthy expeditions in their own right.

So fellow land-lubbers, what say you? Adventure lies right ahead. 


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