Flying solo at Carnival


Carnival on Rosenmontag, Dusseldorf, Germany

You swing into town for Carnival and you’ve fantasized for months how insanely fun it would be…all the costumes, beer, parties. And then it hits you then most, if not all, the folks at Carnival come with their better halves – families, spouses, long-lost-but-mysteriously-once-again-friend friend, their dogs, bigass intimidating pro cameras, you get the idea.

No prizes for guessing who I’m talking about here. Yours truly survived lived it up at Carnival this year in Dusseldorf, and trust me, it ain’t all just fine and dandy always. There were so many times when I wished I had someone, just someone, ANYONE, to dance with, twirl around, clink plastic booze cups with, or just to giggle at all the cute old people decked in their fancy costumes.

BUT, I’ve learnt that at the end of the day, it matters…NOT. You’re just right there, you may never be back at this exact season in this city, so just be all there. So I’m proud to say I threw off all inhibitions and ended up just rockin’ to the tunes while eagerly shoving candy into my coat pockets. And, it was fun, perhaps even more exhilarating and memorable than I had ever pictured it to be.

“HERLAU!”, for one last time this Carnival season.


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