5 pixelated faces staring right back

photo (1)

Le Havre, France

Bon soir! (In truth, my body is shouting “BONNE NUIT” now because I’m so dog tired.) The culturally correct right greeting should be “Guten Nacht” but who cares. And whenever I need to speak a foreign language my instinctive response is to spout something in French.

To be crudely honest, I did virtually nothing in Le Havre – nothing personal or offensive against the town, but mostly out of choice. With a split shin and a prior bout of homelessness, one could only chill and laze. And I wanted to anyway – a friend had generously given me his studio apartment (and gladly I say, for it was good reason for him to bunk in with the lover). But while I did zilch crazy traveling/sightseeing in Le Havre, it was one of my best stops on this whole journey.

Here’s why – those people you see in the photo (to be exact the dudes) are some of my dearest friends from way back, and there’s just something unforgettable and heartwarming about meeting old cherished betters in a foreign land. I know I no longer talk or write much about people (and I’ll save that for another post), but here you go.

If you have me on Facebook you might have seen this picture already, but DO I CARE DO I CARE THESE ARE PEOPLE I LOVE. So, savor that picture…AGAIN.



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