Just pause for a moment and let that roll off your tongue.

I quote the author of the original article (here: – there is no exact or sufficient English sufficient, but this Spanish fellow of a term refers to a “wandering with intention but no destination”. The closest term I can possibly think of would be wanderlust…but even that doesn’t quite suffice. No matter, we are not about to get into a semantic brawl here.

It’s been 6 days on the road alone, and I’m STILL AS EXCITED AS EVER (alas, excitement in writing can only be conveyed with caps). In these 6 days, I’ve…

– Had the best Italian food in my short, over-caffeinated life (God knows how heavenly Italy must be)

– Met some of the kindest souls

– But also got harassed badly on a public bus

– Never felt so cold in 5 degrees (since Miniaturk, but that’s a story for another time)

– Got scammed of 10 euros (Breathe, Kylie, it’s only 10 euros)

– Met one of the cutest hunting dogs everrrr

– Was approached by warm Jehovah’s Witnesses. Still don’t really know who they are, but they sure aren’t weird cultists!

– (And how can I forget this!!!) Had the most pork I’ve had since September 2012

I swear there were more memorable events but bah, let me write about them when I actually recall (or can be bothered to). Traveling alone is one of the greatest joys of life – to be able to just walk around without a care, and learn to live with your own skin. Sure there were times I thought I would die if I didn’t make conversation with a living, breathing homo sapiens, but all is well. Maybe I wished I had a dog with me or something (damn, I blame it on the resident pup at the hostel which seemed like it would make awesome company), but…like I said, all is well.

Moving out to Berat tomorrow, and hopefully this weather gets BETTER. It just has to stop raining! I swear, most of the Albanian (okay, Tirana) population walk around with identical black brollies thanks to the ever-so-unpredicatable rain.

Oh, and about that picture. Of course that isn’t me, but that’s just a scene from #whereistand in one of my fave (book) cafes in Tirana. It’s worth every bit of the 30-min walk and chilly rain.


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