a flash a flash…

of lightning zapped away all the sleep that was left in me!

It IS a dark and stormy night, and here I am, blogging away. And my very first post too! I would skip the cheesy “here’s who I am” post, and let you find out more through the photos, words and occasional poetry.

I love being wide awake while my beloved family sleep sound and dream pleasant dreams – it’s just that feeling of knowing your loved ones are safe, you know you know? I would justify my insomnia further, but I’m afraid that’d give me even longer sleepless nights.

Inspiration for the week: to dream BIG. Heard a sermon tonight (or last night rather) from a most respected visionary. So even though being visionary was NOT the point of the sermon, it was still…food for thought (I was hungry too, literally.). I would like to think I’m still the visionary I used to be, but who am I kidding? Time to find those sandcastles in the air.


On a side note, I have this crazy, crazy impulse to buy every rag that’s named after me, or what sounds like my name. Mad huh? All this blitz shopping creates money woes, which are sure to breed worries…and take up what could be creative thought room. OUT, DAMNED IMPULSE!


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